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4 Types of Dental Insurance & Which is Right for You

December 2, 2017

Dentist talking to patient about dental insuranceThere are a number of different dental insurance options out there, and many patients simply accept whatever plan their employers provide. However, it is easier than ever for people to find their own dental insurance coverage that means their unique needs. If you’re shopping for dental insurance for 2018, read this blog to learn more about the types of dental insurance plans that are available.

Sleep Apnea and Snoring Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

February 22, 2015

474189791To have a good day, you must first have a good night. For many people, however, a good night is but a dream. If you or the person one pillow over snores, then you know what we’re referring to here. Night after night of interrupted sleep makes for exhaustion during the day. But that’s not all. Snoring may be a sign of a serious condition called sleep apnea. For sleep apnea and snoring treatment that results in peaceful nights and productive days, patients in the Jacksonville, FL, area turn to Dr. Scott Wagner at Eccella Smiles.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a chronic condition that actually results in the cessation of breathing. The most common form is obstructive sleep apnea. In this case, the airway becomes blocked when soft tissue—like your tongue—relax during sleep and fall back, thereby interfering with breathing. A person with sleep apnea may not even realize what’s happening, but the brain does and signals the body to wake up in order to restart breathing. Believe it or not, this may happen more than 100 times during the night. That adds up to a lot of missed sleep. No wonder people with sleep apnea are tired during the day! Sleep apnea sufferers may also experience morning headaches, dry mouth or sore throat; difficulty concentrating; memory problems and a lack of coordination.

Solving Sleep Apnea

Fortunately, treating sleep apnea does not necessarily require surgery or a bulky CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine. The solution might be a thin, flexible mouthguard that Dr. Wagner prescribes to hold your jaw forward while you sleep, so your airway remains open. This oral appliance has worked for many patients who snore and/or have sleep apnea and may be an alternative for patients who have tried a CPAP and found it intolerable.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you suspect that you or the person next to you who snores may have sleep apnea, then call Eccella Smiles. We will be happy to evaluate you. Located in Jacksonville Beach, FL, patients visit our office from across the nation, as well as from the surrounding areas of Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and St. Augustine.

Protect Your Smile and Improve Your Game with the ArmourBite® Mouthguard from Under Armour

November 20, 2014

78377886To enhance performance, many athletes have a set routine before a big game. They might go to bed early in order to get a good night’s sleep, eat a high protein meal with a side of carbohydrates, and maybe carry a lucky charm that may or may not help them win. There is one thing, however, that has actually been proven to enhance the athletic performance of professional and amateur athletes alike: the ArmourBite Mouthguard from Under Armour. Dr. Scott Wagner at Eccella in Jacksonville Beach, FL, is a certified ArmourBite Mouthguard provider who will not only protect your teeth, he’ll up your game.

Whether you play a contact or non-contact sport, a mouthguard is critical for protecting your lips, teeth, gums and mouth. So, if you’re going to wear a mouthguard anyway, why not choose one that does more than the rest?

The Secret of the ArmourBite Mouthguard

The ArmourBite Mouthguard enhances athletic performance by preventing teeth clenching. When you are engaged in athletic competition, there is a natural tendency to clench you teeth. This stems from the brain’s primitive “fight or flight” hard wiring. Clenching your teeth causes the body to release cortisol, the stress hormone, which can cause fatigue and interrupt concentration.

An ArmourBite Mouthguard prevents teeth clenching, thereby reducing stress. In addition, this mouthguard shifts the jaw forward to alleviate jaw pressure and enlarge airway openings. The combined effect is better performance on the field, on the court, on the track, in the gym or wherever you work out.

Schedule an Appointment Today

To get your custom-fitted ArmourBite Mouthguard, call the office of Dr. Scott Wagner in Jacksonville Beach, FL. As a certified provider, Dr. Wagner will take an impression of your teeth and you’ll receive your performance enhancing ArmourBite Mouthguard in about 10 days. Dr. Wagner serves patients from across the nation, as well as the surrounding areas of Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and St. Augustine.


Straighten Your Teeth Invisibly with Invisalign® Aligners

October 20, 2014

So you’ve decided you’re ready to straighten your teeth. You’ve settled for a smile that is less than you desire for long enough, and now is the time to do something. What you’re not ready for, however, is the appearance and hassle of metal braces. Well, that doesn’t need to bother you anymore. At Eccella in Jacksonville Beach, FL, general and cosmetic dentist Dr. Scott Wagner uses Invisalign aligners to straighten teeth invisibly and more comfortably than regular metal braces.

Step-by-Step to Straight Teeth with Invisalign

You’ve already taken the first step by making the decision to straighten your teeth, thereby improving your smile and your oral health. Now, you and Dr. Wagner will put that decision into action. Dr. Wagner will take x-rays, pictures and impressions of your teeth. Then, he will devise a treatment plan just for you. Based on this personalized plan, the Invisalign lab will fabricate your custom-made clear and smooth plastic Invisalign aligners. Unlike metal braces that can irritate gums and the inside of your cheek, your aligners will be more comfortable. And more convenient—when it’s time to eat or brush and floss your teeth, simply remove them.

You’ll wear a series of aligners and approximately every two weeks, you’ll wear the next set. This way, you progress steadily through your treatment plan, gradually seeing results as your teeth begin to move into position. Of course, Dr. Wagner will want to monitor your progress, so regular check-ups will be scheduled. For the best results and the timeliest outcome, Dr. Wagner will likely recommend wearing your Invisalign aligners all day, every day, except for when you are eating or brushing. When you’ve completed the treatment plan, the result will having you smiling from ear to ear!

Contact Our Office Today

You’ve made the decision, so now is the time to call Eccella and Dr. Scott Wagner in Jacksonville Beach, FL, for your Invisalign aligners. A general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Wagner also has patients from across the U.S., as well as the surrounding communities of Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, St. Augustine, Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra.

Is Snoring Hurting Your Marriage? Sleep Apnea Treatment in Jacksonville Beach, FL

August 15, 2014

494282527Loud snoring is one of the most common nuisances cited by partners of patients with sleep apnea. If your spouse’s snoring keeps you from getting the sleep you so desperately need, it’s only a matter of time before one of you ends up sleeping on the couch or in another room. Fortunately, the problem of excessive snoring caused by sleep apnea can be solved with treatment at the Jacksonville Beach, FL practice of Dr. Scott Wagner. With sleep apnea therapy at Eccella Smiles, you and your partner can finally enjoy the quiet, peaceful, and uninterrupted sleep you deserve.

Understanding Sleep Apnea Treatment

Patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea experience lapses in their breathing numerous times throughout the night. This occurs when the airway is blocked by the tongue and soft palate. In order to correct this problem, Dr. Wagner may recommend a customized oral appliance that keeps the jaw positioned properly. The comfortable mouthguard helps to keep the airways open for easy breathing as you sleep, eliminating instances of sleep apnea as well as snoring.

Why is Sleep Apnea Treatment Important?

In addition to stopping snoring, sleep apnea treatment helps to reduce the risk of complications linked to the condition. Untreated sleep apnea has been correlated with a variety of serious health conditions, including heart disease, excessive daytime fatigue, liver problems, stroke, and respiratory failure. Treatment from Dr. Wagner can help to drastically diminish the chances that a patient with obstructive sleep apnea will suffer from these and other problems.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you or your partner experiences difficulty breathing while sleeping, excessive snoring, or any of the other symptoms commonly associated with sleep apnea, please contact our office in Jacksonville Beach, FL today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Scott Wagner. We look forward to developing a treatment plan that is specifically designed with your unique needs in mind, helping you find lasting relief from sleep apnea and its many complications. Our state-of-the-art dental practice proudly serves patients from throughout communities in Jacksonville Beach, St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, and beyond.

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