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Get straighter teeth with Invisalign in Jacksonville

January 12, 2016

invisalign jacksonvilleOnce you’re an adult, living with gapped or crooked teeth presents real problems — but for many, wearing those bulky, noticeable metal braces really isn’t an option, either. Fortunately, there’s a wonderful orthodontic solution that straightens misaligned teeth invisibly. It’s Invisalign in Jacksonville, and the team at Eccella Smiles has already helped so many in our area achieve their beautiful smiles using this incredible system. Interested? Keep reading to learn more today!


Invisalign® from the Dentist Jacksonville Turns to for Straight Teeth

July 23, 2015

Eccella Smiles Invisalign photoIf a picture paints a 1000 words, then your smile speaks volumes about you. And don’t think for a minute that others don’t notice the details of your smile. Research shows that people with straight and beautiful smiles are considered to be more outgoing, smarter and more successful. So, if you’ve always wanted to have straighter teeth, then there’s no time like the present to have that smile. With Invisalign, Dr. W. Scott Wagner and the team at Eccella in Jacksonville, FL, can give you straight teeth without the appearance of metal braces.

Straighten Your Teeth Invisibly with Invisalign® Aligners

October 20, 2014

So you’ve decided you’re ready to straighten your teeth. You’ve settled for a smile that is less than you desire for long enough, and now is the time to do something. What you’re not ready for, however, is the appearance and hassle of metal braces. Well, that doesn’t need to bother you anymore. At Eccella in Jacksonville Beach, FL, general and cosmetic dentist Dr. Scott Wagner uses Invisalign aligners to straighten teeth invisibly and more comfortably than regular metal braces.

Step-by-Step to Straight Teeth with Invisalign

You’ve already taken the first step by making the decision to straighten your teeth, thereby improving your smile and your oral health. Now, you and Dr. Wagner will put that decision into action. Dr. Wagner will take x-rays, pictures and impressions of your teeth. Then, he will devise a treatment plan just for you. Based on this personalized plan, the Invisalign lab will fabricate your custom-made clear and smooth plastic Invisalign aligners. Unlike metal braces that can irritate gums and the inside of your cheek, your aligners will be more comfortable. And more convenient—when it’s time to eat or brush and floss your teeth, simply remove them.

You’ll wear a series of aligners and approximately every two weeks, you’ll wear the next set. This way, you progress steadily through your treatment plan, gradually seeing results as your teeth begin to move into position. Of course, Dr. Wagner will want to monitor your progress, so regular check-ups will be scheduled. For the best results and the timeliest outcome, Dr. Wagner will likely recommend wearing your Invisalign aligners all day, every day, except for when you are eating or brushing. When you’ve completed the treatment plan, the result will having you smiling from ear to ear!

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You’ve made the decision, so now is the time to call Eccella and Dr. Scott Wagner in Jacksonville Beach, FL, for your Invisalign aligners. A general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Wagner also has patients from across the U.S., as well as the surrounding communities of Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, St. Augustine, Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra.

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